Textbooks for Teens (TfT)


OCP’s Textbooks for Teens series plugs niches in the market which have not commanded the attention of larger publishers.  They are also intended to offer something a bit different and more stimulating to teenage readers.

Our first offering was History for Teens: The 19th Century (1848-1914) published in August 2012 (paper, monochrome). It has now been extended, updated and rendered in colour, as a second edition for 2016, History for Teens: The 19th Century through World War 1 (1848-1918) .

This is a professionally written and illustrated account of the years from the Napoleonic Wars, through the Civil War in America, the Industrial Revolution in Britain, political revolution and unification in Europe, through the build up and waging of the First World War. It is also professionally illustrated, with forty-nine colour drawings.

Our second title in this series is Roller-Coasters, Rockets and Computers, published in December 2016.  The science and mathematics behind cool machines shows there’s nothing boring or ‘nerdy’ about either.  (Ever seen a nerdy astronaut – they all had degrees in engineering, as well as test-pilot experience. Most had seen active combat.) As well as the rocket, an account of the space elevator is given, in detail. The coverage of the computer runs to sixty-four pages, with fifty-eight illustrations.