History for Teens : The 19th Century through World War 1


9780956540942History for Teens:  The 19th Century through World War 1 covers topics on the development of the world during the 19th Century and is aimed predominately at teenage students studying the development of modern nations.  Its intention is to provide an unbiased, accessible yet comprehensive view of events in and leading through the 19th Century and into the 20th, culminating in the First World War.

The second edition was published in 2016 and sees the original work updated, extended to cover WWI and presented in colour.

One particular syllabus addressed is that of UK Cambridge International Examinations iGCSE History.

While there is a plethora of books serving the market in secondary history education, the overwhelming majority are either solely concerned with the 20th century or are limited to certain topics within the 19th.  Very few address the 19th century in the manner required by secondary (high) school syllabi which extend there.  Until now.

Taryn Earley is a historical interpreter and secondary-level tutor who has developed her own successful style of teaching, working within schools and with the home-educating community.  As well as classroom teaching, Taryn makes replica historical costumes and runs hands-on history workshops for schools and home-ed groups, aimed at encouraging children to develop a long lasting interest in and love of history. Taryn has taught 19th century history to teenage students for several years, and composed this work as a resource for her students when no appropriate one could be found.