Roller Coasters, Rockets & Computers
plus the odd space elevator


Roller Coasters, Rockets & Computers brings physics and mathematics together in the context of technology that may inspire or excite the young. In so doing, it provides a wealth of valuable material for tutors and students9780956540997 of A-Level Physics and Computer Science (OCR, CIE, AQA, Edexcel). Published in colour, the book includes 80 illustrations. To purchase, click image or mail us.

Applications in mechanics include roller coaster design, the Rocket Equation and the orbital tower, or “space elevator”. Radiative equilibrium between Earth and Sun is explored, along with the “greenhouse effect” and the influence of weather on surface temperature. A mathematical appendix is added to explain all required mathematics beyond GCSE, including incommensurability and irrational numbers, the origin of Euler’s number e, differentiation of polynomials and logarithms, and integration. For more, see technical content.

The second half of the book is devoted to the nature, origins and construction of the digital computer, from mere switches via registers and arithmetic logic (including ‘look-ahead’ carry).

Content. Sample spread (roller coasters). Sample spread (computers).