View from the Lab (VfL)


The View from the Lab (VfL) series serves the popular non-fiction market addressing issues confronting society from the perspective of scientists and engineers.

Issues chosen will typically have arisen from, or perhaps await, technological progress and its application.

Of particular interest are occasions when technological change has degraded our lifestyle, for example, when there has been an absence of quantitative analysis in the consideration of alternatives.

A scientific or technological training is rich in dispassionate analysis and values impartial observation.  The technical perspective should therefore be undistorted by prejudice and offer deeper insight.

Our first title here is The Cost of the Car :  Human, environmental and economic, published in July 2010 (paper- and hardback, monochrome).  It examines the problem of transport from the perspective of an engineer, assessing issues like safety, speed, cost and access.  As a result, it questions whether our love of ‘private’ transport can be justified.